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Mortgage Partnership Finance® (MPF®) Program

Through this program, FHLBank Boston provides access to highly competitive secondary market offerings for both conventional and government guaranteed mortgages. 

Program Benefits

We partner with Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago to provide flexible secondary market solutions to help your institution increase profitability – no matter the size of your organization. By selling mortgage loans to us, you can increase balance sheet liquidity and minimize the risks associated with holding fixed-rate mortgages in portfolio. The interest rate and prepayment risks are transferred to FHLBank Boston. 

What We Offer:


We offer products that allow you to sell your eligible secondary market conforming loans to us. 


You can sell fixed-rate mortgage loans that are insured or guaranteed by government agencies to FHLBank Boston. 

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Permanent Rate Buydown

This new product enables members to originate 30-year mortgages at interest rates up to 2% lower than the market rate to homebuyers earning up to 80% area median income. Members can then sell those loans to the MPF Program to receive a premium reflecting a market-rate loan.

Learn More About This Product:

Recorded Training

View this recorded webinar which explains the product's key benefits and provides instructions on how to use it. 


Review details about the product's underwriting requirements through these Frequently Asked Questions.

The Benefits of MPF

Partnering with us allows you to grow your mortgage business while strengthening the communities you service. Hear from members who describe how a government-sponsored enterprise, such as FHLBank Boston, provides an efficient and competitive secondary market.

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MPF® Connect

MPF Program participants can manage user credentials online. We’ve put together frequently asked questions to help you navigate through the process of managing delegations of authority online.