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Letters of Credit

As a strategic partner, FHLBank Boston offers members letters of credit (LOC) to secure deposits made by state government, municipalities, and other public instrumentalities and provide credit support for tax-exempt bonds.

Product Benefits

An FHLBank Boston LOC provides the backing of a highly rated institution that ensures wide acceptance for multiple purposes. Our LOCs support your liquidity, asset/liability management, and housing, community, and economic development activities.

What We Offer:

Types of LOCs

Read about the types of letters of credit we offer to provide members with a low-cost and effective way to attract and secure agreements with third parties.

Using LOCs

Letters of credit are used to achieve various goals and can be an especially attractive alternative to pledging securities for public unit deposits.

Get Started

Find the form or application you need here:

Using Online Banking for LOCs 

Letters of credit can be requested through Online Banking. Processing a letter of credit online saves you time, and your beneficiary information is retained in the system, making it easy each time you need to order a new or manage an existing LOC.

As a convenience, letters of credit you create in Online Banking can be sent directly to your customers, allowing for faster processing. To learn more about using Online Banking in general or for letters of credit, please read these User Guides. 

*Please review the Federal regulations regarding letters of credit