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Correspondent Services 

FHLBank Boston offers a number of easy-to-use services including deposit services, safekeeping and security transactions, funds transfers, and custodial mortgage accounts.

Membership Benefits

We offer a wide range of competitively priced and efficient services that come with the added security of dealing with a highly rated depository.

In addition, Federal Home Loan Banks are not FDIC-insured depository institutions and therefore not considered a correspondent under Regulation F. This allows members to extend their overnight credit exposure.

What We Offer:

Deposit Services

Members can select from a variety of services designed to assist with daily cash management operations.

Securities Safekeeping

Acting as your custodial intermediary, FHLBank Boston can help facilitate the transfer and custody of your securities, as well as arrange for the timely collection and crediting of principal and interest payments through our securities safekeeping services.

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Easily access the short- and long-term deposit rates you need to make smart business decisions.

Using Online Banking

Deposits and transfers to and from your IDEAL account can be completed seamlessly through Online Banking. Additionally, you can conduct safekeeping transactions, such as initiating a trade or corporate action reporting, and access all your daily and monthly reports through Online Banking. To get you and your colleagues new to Online Banking up-to-speed quickly, we offer guides and assistance from a team dedicated to helping you conduct your business with us online.

Strategies + Insights

Our team is here to help you achieve your funding goals and elevate your strategies.

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